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posted by Admin on 29 November 2009
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Belizian BonesHerve's mackeral

Great trip down to Ambergris Caye for some snorkeling and fishing. The local bonefish may not be big but they were plentiful. Check out Severo Guerrero if you need a guide. Herve taught me (and the guides) a new twist on the balloon indicator. Check out this king mackerel caught just outside the reef at Ambergris Caye.

Back to the Llano

posted by Admin on 20 October 2009
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Miss Prissy

Spent my birthday in Castell for some fishing on the Llano. With the recent rains in the Hill Country, the river was in great shape and the fish were very cooperative. Caught some of the biggest Rio Grande perch that I have ever seen. Thanks again to David and Lucy.

posted by Admin on 21 September 2009
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Miss Prissy

Great prices and instant service. Last year I forgot to put up a stock of Miss Prissys before my spring Llano float. Breambugs delivered everything overnight. For next week's trip I planned better, so express delivery was not required. Check out Breambugs' website and tell Don I said hi.

Golden Gate Casting Club

posted by Admin on 06 Spetember 2009
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Golden Gate Casting

On a recent trip to San Francisco I took the time to visit the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club's casting pond located in Golden Gate Park. It isn't the easiest spot to find in the park but it is worth a visit especially if you bring a fly rod.

Offshore Fly Line Selection

posted by Admin on 01 June 2009
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Fly Lines

Join me at Bass Pro's Pearland store on Saturday the 6th of June for a presentation on selection of fly lines of offshore fly fishing. I will cover the basics of fly line construction and the right lines for offshore use.

Llano Float and Fish Trip

posted by Admin on 01 June 2009
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I just returned from six days of fishing Llano up near Castell with my good friend Herve. We floated the river between the 87 bridge and Castell, splitting the trip into a two day float. The river was lower than I had seen it in the past but the fishing was good. The river carried a bit of color for about the first mile downstream of the bridge but then cleared up. The walk-in fishing upstream from the bridge is always worth it, especially on the north bank and branch. The trip included my first sighting of a mountain lion and a screech owl. The largest bass was a 17 1/2" largemouth although Herve contends he broke off a few larger ones.


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