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Learn to Fly Fish - Christmas Gift Certificate

posted by Admin on 2 December 2011
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Christmas Gift Special

Looking for a gift for your fishing friends. We have put together a Learn to Fly Fish gift certificate that provides a complete introduction to fly fishing. Structured around four separate sessions, our goal is to provide the knowledge and skills needed for the recipient to fish on their own and enjoy the experience. Lesson One covers equipment and the fundamentals of casting. Lesson Two moves on to efficient casting including rod and line control. Lesson Three includes the fundamentals required to increase distance and Lesson Four includes practice tactics that will enable the recipient to diagnose and correct casting problems.

All equipment is provided and the lessons are conducted at a convenient central Houston location. For more information use the contact us form.

Northern Wisconsin Madeline Island

posted by Admin on 25 October 2011
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Wisconson Brookie

I had the opportunity to do some fall fishing near Madeline Island, Wisconsin Janice was looking for company on the long drive to a quilting class with Sue Spargo and sidekick Kathy Palmer at Madeline Island School of Arts. In addition to the pike available in the inland lagoon at Big Bay Town Park there are all kinds of opportunities within an hour on the mainland in Bayfield County. The little brookie shown above was caught on the upper part of the Sioux River near Washburn. Plenty of small stream, open water with no one around and lots of cooperative fish. Just my kind of area.

This trip was in the fall and the trees were in full fall color. In 2012 I plan to go back in the spring. Any advice on the right streams to explore is welcome.

Oktoberfisch 2011

posted by Admin on 17 October2011
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Oktoberfisch 2011 at Morgan Shady Campgrounds

Dropped in on the Frederiksberg Fly Fishers' annual fall event, Oktoberfisch, on Friday and Saturday the 14th and 15th of October. This ever popular and growing event had a great turnout. Chris Johnson - Living Waters Fly Fishing from Round Rock, martin Pursch - Country FlyFisher Shop from Fredericksburg, and Rick Wilson - Fbg Outfitters had set up shop to provide materials, flies, and gear for attendees. There were casting classes for beginners and intermediate casters, fly tying classes, Gene Smith's presentation on Aquatic Invertebrates, and, most importantly, shuttles to the river.

Dr. Gary Garrett, Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries Division, spoke on Friday night about the Guadalupe Bass Restoration Initiative. The Guadalupe bass is a Central Texas endemic, naturally occurring only in streams draining the Edwards Plateau region (San Antonio, Guadalupe, Colorado and Brazos river systems). In 1989, it was designated the State Fish of Texas by the Texas Legislature, in recognition of the unique character of both the Guadalupe bass and its habitat. Guadalupe bass has long provided a popular sport fishery in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife are trying to ensure that our state game fish survives and are trying to undo the unforeseen consequences of stocking smallmouth bass in the Hill Country streams starting in the mid seventies. The smallmouthGuadalupe Bass Release, phot by Chas A Fountain crossbred with the Guads threatening the genetic stock. The program has been very successful in the Guadalupe River where hybridization had reached 30 percent and just recently Texas Parks and Wildlife stocked the South Llano. Although the hybridization was thought to be very low coma red to the Gaualupe at just three percent the stocking was done to ensure that the problem doesn't grow.

Rio Grande Cichlid

posted by Admin on 17 October2011
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Rio grande Cichlid

My last three trips to the Llano had resulted in zero Rio Grandes. The upper reaches of the South Llano were more productive and a couple of these fine fighting fish were landed. The Rio Grande is distinctive in that they exhibit cream and turquoise colored spots, giving them a speckled look. The Texas record was from the South Llano and weighed in at about 1.6 pounds. The one on the right fell for a Miss Prissy. Although a good size it wasn't close to the state record. One can always hope.

Exploring the South Llano

posted by Admin on 19 October2011
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South Llano Waterfall near Telegraph

On Friday the 14th I drove to the second highway 377 road crossing south of Junction with the goal of paddling upstream past Telegraph to get a look at the springs that underpin the Llano's flow even in this period of drought. The fact that I forgot my GPS didn't help as it took a significant amount of time to get up to Big Paint Creek. Those of you that have made the effort could have warned me that Big Paint Creek is not a 'navigable waterway' and is private; clearly and threateningly marked as such. The South Llano is open and I paddled and dragged another forty minutes and got to the Seven Hundred Springs. Pretty spectacular. On the way you pass a smaller spring and a three to four foot waterfall pictured here.

The farther upstream you go and the closer to the main springs the water clarity improves dramatically and the limestone stream bed starts to look a lot like the Devils River. The clear water provides great top water fishing action - you can watch the fish come out from the undercuts and smash or gently inhale your fly. The bigger bass - sixteen to eighteen inches - were in the inhale the Miss Prissy mode.

The Llano River

posted by Admin on 16 October2011
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USGS Llano flow at Mason

The drought in Texas is still going strong, but just in time for my fall trip to fish the Llano some rain fell in the drainage and water levels in the river went up to just about the median. Two inches of rain in and around Mason and four inches near Llano helped pull the river up from flows the lowest I have seen in the eight years I have been fishing the Llano. No dragging the yak.

The graphic to the left is a copy of information available from the USGS. (click on it for a clearer version) If they have stream flow measurement equipment you can get just about real-time information on stream flow, gauge height, and possibly rainfall. The pattern for the Llano is pretty consistent. A reasonable amount of rain will raise the river flows significantly, but you only have to wait a day or two for the peak to drop back down to safe fishing levels. My experience on the Llano east of Mason is that it clears up just about as fast. In this case the river had been running at about 10 and 40 cfs for most of June, July, August, and September. The rains pulled it up to near the median flow which minimizes the 'yak dragging'.

The USGS started a new service called Water Alert about a year ago that can send sms or e-mail alerts if the flow rate for your favorite stream is outside a range that you pick. This lets me follow the river before a trip. Check out the USGS Water Alert website for more details on how to sign up.

The fishing was slower than my past experience but still pretty spectacular. The weather was just about perfect with nights in the 50s and sunny days in the 90s. As always, thanks to David and Lucy for providing one of the best camping spots on the river.

Mary Joe Peckham Park with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

posted by Admin on 11 October2011
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Saturday the 8th of October I joined a number of other Texas FlyFishers at Mary Joe Peckham Park to help with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Angler Education Program. The goal of Saturday morning's event was to get the participants through the initial phase of the Fly Fishing Program that TP&WD has put together. Club members helped with ethics, knot tying, fly tying, and fly casting. The only thing missing was putting a hook on the leader and trying to catch fish.

One of 'Dem Bones'

posted by Admin on 24 March 2011
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miles and miles

Everett and Herve went off trolling for big fish and I spent the second day wading the backside of the island. When I wasn't loosing my flies to small barracudas, which provide great entertainment until they bite through the leader. This bone was from a group cruising just outside the fish camp.

Turneffe on the Local Standard

posted by Admin on 22 March 2011
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miles and miles

Another trip to Belize to chase 'dem bones'. This time we took Herve's boat from Ambergris Caye to Turneffe, a twenty-five mile journey. Herve arranged the accomodations and as you can see from the photo to the left we were staying on the local standard. Everet's fathers fish camp was our base for two days. Located on the backside of Turneffe it was just a short ride to the eastern side of the island for some great wade fishing.


posted by Admin on 15 January 2011
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bamboo and Miss Prissy

I really like the clippers from Fishpond and was interested when I found a cheaper version at the local sporting goods store from Eagle Claw. Both have a single blade that cuts against the plastic of the opposite arm. I'm auditioning both and will keep you posted on whether there is value in the cheaper version.


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